Oilfield Services

Seros stands as the owner and operator of one of India's largest drilling rigs fleets, empowering oil & gas discovery and production enhancement. Seros is the only privately held Indian company to have assets and expertise of specialised services such as Hydraulic Fracturing and Well Services.

Drilling Services

Our proficiency extends across a national footprint, encompassing over 350 successfully drilled wells. We take pride in being one of India's largest drilling rigs fleet owner. We specialise in CBM wells recently completing 100+ CBM wells for ONGC

Operational excellence is our hallmark. Our in-house fleet of trucks and trailers treamlines logistics for critical ILM/IPM activities, minimising reliance on external agencies and ensuring the quiet hum of optimised performance.

Asset Base (Rigs): 3000 HP | 2000 HP | 1500 HP | 1000 HP | 750 HP ( with slanting capability) Upto 250 HP rigs

Specialised Services: Directional Drilling | Work Over Services | Coring Rigs | Geo Thermal

1 lakh+

meters of cumulative drilling path


Rigs from 250 to 3000HP capacity


Successfully drilled wells


CBM wells successfully completed


meters record depth drilled for in a month

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