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Head-Business Development (Multimodal Logistics)
Develop and implement new business initiatives for end to end logistics solutions under one roof. Major part of the job will require candidate to fetch 3PL business and he/she accountable for Profit & Loss (P&L) of their respective segments.
Head-Business Developnent & Chartering (Coastal Logistics)
Seros Logistics is one of the premier multimodal logistics service providers in India with over 20 years of service in the Industry. We aim to simplify end to end logistical requirements of our customers through our expertise in multimodal routes across India.
Logistics Coordinator
Developing good networking with local & enroute vehicle repair workshops. Develop and maintain operational reports, analyzing existing distribution networks. Planning, supervising coordinating logistics operations for CNG/LNG transportation as per Standard Operating Procedures.

The DNA Of Seros Employee

As a potential Seros Employee, you will have intellect, genius, and enthusiasm ingrained in your DNA. The competence to think (and land) on your feet, the skill of identifying problems and determine the opportunities they present, and the passion to change the world for the better, are other essential qualities. You will don many hats, and switch between them easily.

Seros is a large cluster with varied businesses, for which we require people with skill sets and experience to match. Specifics such as educational qualification and experience will be linked to the position you are applying for and the business under which it falls.

The below listed six guiding principles will give you a broad picture of the qualities we look for in a potential Seros Employee.

Seros Employee is a groundbreaker

You must have the ability to work out new ideas, spot opportunities for value creation, and be willing to take calculated risks to achieve organisation goals. You can deal with uncertainty and have the disposition to find creative solutions to problems.

Seros Employee is a manager

You will have, in spades, the ability to plan, organise, and successfully execute assignments involving challenging and complex situations. You will have the capacity to understand the bigger picture without losing sight of the smaller details. You must have the ability to reach your milestones while managing time and material within approved budgets.

Seros Employee is an innovator

You will have a detailed understanding of operations and an unceasing desire to improve. You will be cost-conscious and accurate in your approach, and will constantly seek to increase efficiencies.

Seros Employee is a negotiator

You will possess the ability to leverage interpersonal relationships in the best interest of your work, and have a keen eye for the upper-hand in business dealings. With your in-depth understanding of the business environment, you will easily build a rapport with internal and external customers. You are a team player and acknowledge working relationships.

Seros Employee is a communicator

You have the impeccable ability to look at everyday tasks from a service perspective. You will try to build strong relationships, be a firm believer in customer advocacy, and constantly work on boost products and services to meet customers’ needs.

Seros Employee is a leader

You will be both a student and a coach. You will facilitate, encourage, and care. You will put in time and effort to learn about the various facets of your work and business, and guide and inspire people to do the same.